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We offer a comprehensive suite of FixNFlip, Rental, Multifamily and New Construction products. Our leverage, competitive rates, transparency, and top-notch customer service sets us apart from the pack. We are here to help you



When speed, simplicity, and reliability of execution are critical in a multifamily transaction, clients turn to Nationwide  Mtg Brokers  as the go-to broker consultants





Our sales, credit, and capital markets teams have decades of experience structuring and placing multifamily loans across the country. We offer a full suite of products for every investment strategy—from simple bridge, rehab, and long-term stabilized loans to the most complex structured finance solutions. With significant balance sheet and capital markets capabilities, investors and bankers alike turn to Nationwide Mtg Brokers for all of their multifamily loan needs.


Loans for investors buying distressed multifamily properties that need capital expenditures and rent increases to stabilize and bring value to current market standards.

Up to 85% LTC, 70% LTV

Loans up to $20mm+

Rates as low as 6.25%

24-36 month Interest Only Terms

Low or no cash flow is ok

Small, medium, or large Cap EX budgets

Non-recourse available


For turn-key tenant properties that need seasoning and/or further tenancy before long term takeout.

Up to 75% LTC/LTV

Rates as low as 5.75%

24-36 month Interest Only Terms

Financing for Freddie, Fannie, or bank fallout deals

Low in-place DSCR requirements

Non-recourse available


Financing for investors looking to hold and cash out their stabilized multifamily property for the long term.

Coming Soon!

Contact your Broker Consultant  for a  multifamily application.

Eligible Property Types: 

1-4 Unit Investment Property 

Planned Unit Developments  

Properties with <2 acres 

Log Homes (if common to the area) 

Properties subject to oil or gas leases 

Must be non-owner occupied 

Minimum gross living area of 700 sq. ft. 

Ineligible Property Types: 

Owner-Occupied Properties 

Commercial Enterprises  


Zoning Violations including residential properties zoned commercial 

Manufactures or Mobile Homes 

Single Family Properties with less than 700 sq. feet of living area 


Mixed Use Properties 

Time Shares 

Unique Properties (except for log homes) 

Fractional Ownership 

Working farm and ranches 

Properties encumbered by purchase option  

Unimproved land; not intended for build 

Properties that appraise for less than $25,000 

Property currently in Litigation 

Appraisal Requirements: 

1004/1025 interior appraisals required for all loans including AS-IS and ARV if renovation is

included • Appraisals must be dated within 180 days of origination 

Loan amounts over $1,000,000.00 will require 2 appraisals (Excludes CA) 

Loan amounts over $5,000,000.00 will require 2 appraisals in California

Small Business Loans

Small business owners need capital for a multitude of reasons which is why we serve over 700 industries. Our secured business loans provide a low cost of capital which promotes greater cash-flow for businesses.


While there are many funding needs for small business owners, the most common reasons we see include:

  • Working Capital

  • MCA Consolidation

  • Inventory

  • Business Expansion

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Bridge the gap for SBA Loans.

  • Payoff liens

Cannabis Loans

Nationwide Mtg Brokers is 100% committed to serving our Cannabis & CBD clients the best cannabis financing and payment solutions for their company.  We would like to take part in shaping this young industry by providing both funding and development to the companies with the vision to be the future of the legal cannabis industry in the cannabis industry, finding a good cannabis financing option is no easy task. While many canna business owners in the cannabis industry have found workarounds, there is still a lot of confusion about staying compliant.  We know you have questions and we have answers.

States continue to pass new laws regulating the use and cultivation of cannabis.  Each new law passed creates new opportunities for getting your business financing.  We help farmers, cultivators, extractors, processors, trimmers, packagers, labs and more.

Financing for investors looking to hold and cash out their stabilized multifamily property for the long term.

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